Guideline from nature

There's a common mathematical ratio found in nature that can be used to create pleasing, natural looking compositions in design work. We call it the Golden Ratio or the Greek letter Phi and it describes the perfectly symmetrical relationship between two proportions.

Graphic design

  • Branding, Identity & Logo
  • Infographic, Presentation

Web design

  • HTML / CSS / JS
  • Content management

Print design

  • Brochure, Leaflet
  • Business card

Recent Work

NXT banner

MMBTCD logo design

Logo design for MMBTCD - BTCD mutual fund and market making asset.

NXT banner

NXT web banner ads

Web banner ads for NXT marketing campaign.

PAX infographic

PAX infographic design

Infographic for project PAX - Pegged Asset Exchange.

PAX logo

PAX logo design

Logo design for project PAX. PAX enables anyone to lock funds to the value of a real-world currency or security.

BitcoinDark logo

BitcoinDark logo design

Logo design for BitcoinDark - disrupting cryptocurrency platform.

BitcoinDark website design website

Website for BitcoinDark, an innovative cryptocurrency platform with strong focus on freedom and privacy.

Quack - atomic swap plugin

QUACK logo design

Logo design concept for QUACK - atomic swap plugin for NXT financial platform.

MyRecepies logo design

MyRecipes logo design

Logo design concept for gastro web project.

NXTvault logo design

NXTvault app logo design

App logo design for NXTvault, an Open Source secure passphrase manager for the NXT financial platform. website design website

Website for, an innovative blockchain technology project.

Jay Framework logo design

The Jay Framework logo design

Logo design for The Jay Frameworkg, a simple and secure webwallet for NXT financial platform. logo design logo design

Logo design for, a toolbox for NXT financial platform.

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